I’m David and I am a glamour portrait photographer.  I do a lot of portfolio photos for models, and I do a lot of photos of people who aren’t models and just want really awesome photos of themselves.  I was a little reluctant to use the term “glamour portrait” to categorize the work I do, but the Oxford Dictionary defines “glamour” as, “The attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people seem appealing or special”.  And that perfectly sums up what I try to achieve in my photography. 


There are a lot of photographers out there.  Especially in this age, with digital photographic equipment being so affordable.  It can be difficult to decide who to hire for your portraiture.  I think a photographer’s work speaks for him or her more than any words can.  Do the photos look like they could have been in a magazine, or do they look like snapshots?  Photographing people is all about the light, and you can tell if photographers have taken the time to learn how to work with light as soon as you see their images.  Your portraits don't have to look like they were taken by someone’s phone.  


I invite you to have a look around my web site.  If what I’m showing here are the kind of photos that you would like to have of yourself, contact me to schedule your session.